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  • All shows start at 6:30 PM
  • • Do you know someone needing volunteer hours? Have them contact us!

Ticket Information

Season Passbooks: $40.00

  on sale September 15, 2017

Individual Shows: $10.00

Children 2 and under: FREE

Tickets can be purchased

   in advance for all shows at

The Little Toy Box

   406 Government St., Dryden

Ella Lynn's

   23 Whyte Ave., Dryden

Lotto One

  Golden Mile Plaza, Dryden

or contact us and we'll mail them to you.

A Little About Us

28 years and growing!

Children Delight provides cultural, educational and highly entertaining presentations for children through quality performing arts.

Raw Company presents...
Raw Metal

FRIDAY, OCT 20, 2017 - at The Centre
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Raw Metal is Australia's hottest Tap Dance Sensation! The four male dancers of Australia's Raw Metal push dance to the outer limits. With their innovative own style of "Funk Street Tap", Raw Metal combines innovative and explosive rhythms that will have everyone grooving along in their seats.

Raw Metal will inspire you with their innovative use of flip-flops & flippers to create an acoustic soundtrack. A percussive a-Capella number using phone greetings will delight in its simplicity yet cleverness. The energetic guys in Raw Metal deliver a heart stopping performance every time.

Raw Metal has performed through Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, China, Europe, USA (including Broadway), South America and many more.

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Al Simmons
FRIDAY, NOV 24, 2017 - at The Centre
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Al Simmons is a creative genius whose charm and humanity have won over a legion of fans at theaters and festivals around the world. His highly original performances of profound wackiness and his array of off-the-wall inventions take the art of Music and Comedy to unparalleled heights of hilarity.

A multiple Juno-award winner as well as Cable Ace and Parents’ Choice award recipient, Al Simmons is a veteran of one-man, multi-prop and costume, music-filled, fun and educational –but still off-the-wall — family performances! Audiences world-wide have collectively giggled, guffawed and grinned at Al’s inventive and original approach to the all but lost art of combining comedy with song, dance, magic, sight gags and, always, plenty of wonderfully bad puns. Al is alternately childlike and sophisticated as his humorous shows touch responsive chords in all ages.

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Duffle Bag Theatre presents...
The Three Musketeers

FRIDAY, JAN 26, 2018 - at The Centre
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Want to join the bravest crew in all of France and protect the King? Young country lad D’Artagnan sure does, and has trained his whole life to do so. But he discovers it’s not so simple in DuffleBag’s adaptation of the timeless Alexandre Dumas adventure! His arrival in Paris becomes complicated by his stumbling onto Cardinal Richelieu’s secret plot to seize the throne, and accidentally alienating Porthos, Aramis and Athos, the very Musketeers he seeks to warn! Fortunately the Queen’s lady-in-waiting, Constance, is there to help him save “le Roi” and stop the dastardly plot once and for all!

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To Be Determined Theatre Co. presents...
Jillian Jiggs

FRIDAY, MARCH 30, 2018 - at The Centre
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“Jillian, Jillian, Jillian Jiggs your room looks like it was lived in by pigs!”
To some, Miss Jiggs might come across as a young lady who doesn’t want to clean her room. In fact that is not the case at all. She really, really does wants to clean her room, and has every intention of doing so. That was until something caught her eye. A broom, a scrap piece of paper, buttons, rubber gloves, card board boxes, duvets. All of these things may seem like just household objects to some, but not to Jillian. No, these are wigs worn by famous people, or sails on a pirate ship, noses on pigs, chickens on the loose or robots just waiting to come alive.
TBD Theatre has combined some of Phoebe Gilman’s most famous stories: Jillian Jiggs, Jillian Jiggs & the Great Big Snow, Jillian Jiggs to the Rescue & The Wonderful Pigs of Jillian Jiggs to create an energetic & imaginative adventure. This incredibly fun journey is engaging for audiences of all ages as it combines live music, dancing, comedy, audience interaction and surprises around every corner!

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Cascada de Flores presents...
The Tree and the Donkey who Loved to Sing

FRIDAY, MAY 4, 2018 - at The Centre
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“The Tree and the Donkey who loved to sing” AKA “El Abuelo”
Exploding with song, rhythms, characters, and dance, Cascada de Flores presents an original tale of friendship and music. Inspired by the ensemble’s travels to Mexico, this performance celebrates traditions, diversity, and the power of music. Full of improvisation and interaction, children are invited to sing along and dance in this humorous and heartwarming program.
For more than 14 years, the music ensemble Cascada de Flores has served as ambassadors of Mexican and Caribbean music and dance. Their family programming uses the sweet characters of traditional music, storytelling, and dance to weave together cultural lessons into bilingual and participatory programs. They inspire youth in schools, libraries, and cultural centers throughout North America.

Dryden Children's Delight is a proud participant of Dryden's Annual Teddy Bear Picnic & Dryden Days of Summer Festival.

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