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  • All shows start at 6:30 PM
  • • Do you know someone needing volunteer hours? Have them contact us!

Ticket Information

Season Passbooks: $40.00

  on sale September 15, 2016

Individual Shows: $10.00

Children 2 and under: FREE

Tickets can be purchased

   in advance for all shows at

The Little Toy Box

   406 Government St., Dryden

Ella Lynn's

   23 Whyte Ave., Dryden

Lotto One

  Golden Mile Plaza, Dryden

or contact us and we'll mail them to you.

A Little About Us

28 years and growing!

Children Delight provides cultural, educational and highly entertaining presentations for children through quality performing arts.

David & Becky present...
Duo Hoops

FRIDAY, OCT 21, 2016 - at The Centre
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The Duo Hoops was conceived in 2002, shortly after David and Becky met. They were both looking for a performance partner and after their very first show, they realized that they had a special chemistry together on stage.

They have performed together in Canada, Taiwan, China, Cambodia, New Zealand, Australia and Mexico to name a few.

Over the years Duo Hoops has taken part in many clown and mime workshops, and continue to incorporate these techniques into their work. David and Becky share a desire to dive even more deeply into the world of clowning; they are constantly discussing new and innovative ways to surprise and crack up their audiences. Their complementary characters, on stage and in life are the perfect antidote to each other!

Photo Credit: Frederic Veilleux

For a preview of the show, click here!

Motus O presents...

FRIDAY, NOV 18, 2016 - at The Centre
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Rich in athleticism and innovative dance and theatre, ALICE is an exhilarating adventure that spins you off into another land. ALICE is an adaptation of Lewis Carroll's whimsical stories. "Alice in Wonderland" and "Through The Looking Glass". In her search for home, Alice must manoeuver herself through this topsy-turvy world. ALICE is a one hour show that brings to life all your favourite characters with such energy and excitement that the audience is left breathless.

Part Dance - Part Theatre - Part Triathalon

For a preview of the show, click here!

Majinx presents...
Professor Wick's Incredible Magic Factory

FRIDAY, JAN 20, 2017 - at The Centre
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Professor Wick invites the audience on a tour of his Incredible Magic Factory where he designs and constructs magical props. He reveals the fact that some of his best ideas come from the pages of children's literature such as Alice in Wonderland, Aladdin, Pinocchio, and Peter Pan. The professor pulls some of these books off the shelf and demonstrates the magic inspired by these timeless classics. Floating on a magic carpet, stepping through a mirror and even turning a puppet into a real person. These are just some of the magical adventures that the audience will experience when they witness the wonders of Professor Wick.

For a preview of the show, click here!

Axis Theatre presents...
Hamelin the New Fable

FRIDAY, FEB 24, 2017 - at The Centre
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Comedic, heart-tugging musical retelling of The Pied Piper of Hamelin, featuring a cast of five professional actor/musicians using masks and puppets in Axis Theatre's unique physical theatre style.

In 13th century Germany, Medieval Hamelin Town is way too big for its lederhosen. Governed by a spoiled Mayor, his Mommy and stuffy corporate types who have no interest in its hard-working townsfolk, the town is primed to learn some important lessons in life from our heroes, 10-year-old twins Celeste and Ralph. When it seems that no one, other than their Opa Johannes, ever keeps their word, they come up with a plan to make the grown-ups wake up and smell the strudel. After the ridiculous new taxes render this tight-knit family homeless, desperate for help, they encounter a hapless "Minstrel", a flute that has seen better days and of course, lots and lots of rats!

For a preview of the show, click here!

L'Aubergine presents...

FRIDAY, APRIL 21, 2017 - at The Centre
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Three doors, three chairs, three wooden boards... One light bulb... IN this timeless setting, the very different worlds of three clowns will collide. Gradually forgetting their own individuality, they build rapport around what they hold most deer: their playfulness, their 'joie de vivre' and an uncontrollable imagination.

Struggling with their own silliness and enthusiasm, which sometimes prevent them from seeing further than the tips of their toes, they meet, size each other up, experience some friction and create new bonds based on their unique abilities. For one of them, it is the flexibility of her body; for another, it is the tessitura of her voice; and finally, for the last one, it is the sheer excess of her constructions.

Through various scenes forged with humour and flair, this performance examines the topic of human relationships. It inspires playfulness, joy, and-most of all-lots of laughter, as these three clowns have a few tricks up their sleeves.

Dryden Children's Delight is a proud participant of Dryden's Annual Teddy Bear Picnic & Dryden Days of Summer Festival.

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