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  • All shows start at 6:30PM
  • • Do you know someone needing volunteer hours? Have them contact us!.

Ticket Information

Season Passbooks: $40.00

  on sale Oct 1, 2019

Individual Shows: $10.00

Children 2 and under: FREE

Tickets can be purchased

   in advance for all shows at

Ella Lynn's

   23 Whyte Ave., Dryden

Lotto One

  Golden Mile Plaza, Dryden

or contact us and we'll mail them to you.

A Little About Us

31 years and growing!

Children Delight provides cultural, educational and highly entertaining presentations for children through quality performing arts.

L'Aubergine presents...
TUESDAY, OCT 29, 2019 - at The Centre
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Ripopée is a hilarious clown show involving stunts, fun props, and music. L’Aubergine is the creator of other fantastic shows that we have had in Dryden, including Dada and Terzetto. The production of Ripopée will be very high quality- a show you do not want to miss!
Four artists arrive at night in a place where their show is to be presented. They fall asleep only to discover upon waking that their audience is already there. The show begins, but things get all mixed up: day-to-day life interferes with the performance, forcing it down a new, unpredictable path.
In these artists’ hands, everyday objects become tools to create a quirky universe, sometimes bordering on the absurd. The characters let their imaginations run wild to the point where they even lose sight of reality for a while. They dive head first into the unpredictable, with virtuosity guiding their fantasy.
And that’s where the real journey begins: for these four pals, time is a great travel companion that sparks their curiosity, stimulates their sense of awe, and enhances their tremendous joy in being together. One thread leads to another as they weave the present moment, driven by their uncontrollable whimsicalness and overwhelming desire to share their adventure with the audience.

Maritime Marionettes presents...
Molly and the Oak Island Treasure
WEDNESDAY, NOV 27, 2019 - at The Centre
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Molly, her boat, and Pixie, her little fairy friend, set out on a marvellous adventure in search of buried treasure. Along the way she meets new friends that help her in completing her wondrous journey. The wooden marionettes come to life in the hands of Heather and Darryll Taylor enchanting children and parents alike. A treasure hunt for self-discovery, Molly and the Oak Island Treasure will touch your heart and awaken the child in us all. Molly and the Oak Island Treasure features 13 puppets. An original 46 minute production suitable for all ages, the show has a rich Maritime theme and embraces a positive self-esteem message for young people. Molly and the Oak Island Treasure premiered in 1994 and has since toured Atlantic Canada, Ontario, Quebec, Hawaii, Bermuda and France resulting in rave reviews.

Samajam presents...
The Kids Show
FRIDAY, JAN 24, 2020 - at The Centre
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This is a 200% participatory musical show, in which all participants will receive several musical instruments during the performance. The audience becomes the performing musicians of the show. Have fun while learning music!

Millan & Fay present...
The Opera
FRIDAY, MAR 27, 2020 - at The Centre
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Let this dynamic duo take you on a whirlwind interactive introduction to all the sublimely ridiculous elements in the world of opera. Seen for 5 seasons at the Canadian Opera Company, Hamilton Philharmonic’s “What Next Festival?” and the Harbourfront Voice and Strings Festival, Millan & Faye bring you a unique combination of comedy and excellent musicianship with this unique and engaging show.

Carousel Players presents...
The Incredible Adventures of Mary Jane Mosquito
FRIDAY, MAY 1, 2020 - at The Centre
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Mary Jane, the Wingless Mosquito, is determined to find new friends. In this story of a misfit searching for her place in the world, Mary Jane is a mosquito who doesn’t have wings. At home in Petit Petit Le Paw she is teased by the other mosquitoes, who won’t be friends with her. She is sent off to school, and then to live with her auntie in the city, as she searches for a place where she can fit in and make friends. After many adventures, Mary Jane learns to make friends sharing her language, her kind heart, and her songs with the world.
This musical show explores themes of feeling like an outsider, dealing with bullying, moving to a new place, and feeling different from the what’s considered normal. As Mary Jane tells her tale through song and story, Tomson Highway has woven in Cree words and phrases that are taught to the audience through playful interaction. With live music throughout, and supported with puppetry and fanciful costumes, this is an engaging piece for young audiences.

Dryden Children's Delight is a proud participant of Dryden's Annual Teddy Bear Picnic & Dryden Days of Summer Festival.